Victory Koredry presents Imaikalani DeVault

Presented by Victory KoreDry: Honolua Bay is my favorite spot," says Imaikalani DeVault, wielding his air repertoire in this week's #Mauichannel. "Not only do I know all the uncles and can get plenty waves, but...

Surf n Sea presents Kainehe Hunt

"I love being in the ocean," says Kainehe Hunt, showcasing frontside snaps and tucking under the lip in this week's Junior segment, presented by Surf N Sea. "Any problems I have, I jump in the water and it rele...

Miller’s Surf Presents Kealii Mamala

From Pipeline to Pe'ahi, Miller's Surf and Sport Island presents Kealii Mamala absolutely charging atop a SUP in this week's #BigIsland segment. For more #BigIsland segments, click here:

Maui Channel: Ian Walsh

Presented by Victory KoreDry: What does Ian Walsh hear when he's speeding down the face of a massive wave at Pe'ahi? Maybe the sound of a helicopter's blades beating the air, shouts from the channel or the roar...

West Coast Channel: Nat Young

Looking to improve your backhand attack? SurfScreen presents a collection of spray-infused backside snaps from California's own Nat Young worth studying and emulating in this week's #westcoastchannel. Be sure t...

Big Island: Jonah Morgan at Pipe

Miller's Surf and Sport presents a highlight reel of Jonah Morgan sliding through fun-sized Pipeline barrels in this week's #BigIsland segment.

DK wars Big Island

2/4/17 ...When it's all said and done...It's not about the wins and losses...It's about the stoke and the love of what we do and who we do it with...thank u everyone for making awesome memories... Mahalos to @m...
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West Coast Segment: John Mel

SurfScreen presents a view from the channel as John Mel pulls into a fun-sized Pipeline nug. Be sure to check out it's all natural reef and child safe sunscreen, everything you need and nothing you don't!

Big Island: Ikaika Kalama

Miller's Surf and Sport presents homegrown native Ikaika Kalama threading a Pipeline cavern in this week's #BigIsland segment.

Big Island Segment: Robert Patterson

Miller's Surf and Sport presents homegrown native Robert Patterson putting his own self-shaped equipment to the test in the big wave arena of Sunset Beach in this week's #BigIsland channel.   http://...

Big Island Segment: Shayden Pacarro

Miller's Surf and Sport presents a bevy of backside turns from homegrown native Shayden Pacarro in this week's #BigIsland segment.