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Grom Report / Nalu Deodato

Growing up on the North Shore, Nalu Shizuo Deodato’s first wave was at the Menehune Surf Contest when he was 6. He was immediately hooked on both surfing and competition, and as his surfing talent evolved years...

Ty Richardson claims inside a Vland

Mokulele Airlines​ presents a view from the channel as young Ty Richardson claims inside a Vland barrel in this week's Grom segment. ...

Grom Report / Sage Tutterow

Hometown: Haena, Kauai DOB: August 27, 2002 Sponsors: Rip Curl, Famous, Leus, Akamai Juice Company, Hanalei Surf Company Next to the word surfer in the dictionary, go ahead and put a picture of young Sage ...

Shilo Tennberg at fun size Vland

Mokulele Airlines​ presents a barrel and layback hack combo from Shilo Tennberg at fun size Vland in this week's #grom segment. ...

Junior Report / Wyatt McHale

By Kyveli Diener D.O.B.: 5/24/01 Hometown: Pupukea, North Shore, Oahu Sponsors: Vans, Pyzel Surfboards, Famous Surf, D'blanc, Future Fins Sitting down with Wyatt McHale in lush Pupukea where he grew up left me considering the difference between two lab...

Grom Report: Keanu Taylor

Mokulele Airlines presents Maui's Keanu Taylor ripping during a summer season swell at Bowls in this week's #gromreport.

Grom Report: Ty Richardson

Mokulele Airlines presents young Ty Richardson laying down multiple snaps at Backdoor in this week's #gromreport.

Grom Report: Clive McMurray

Mokulele Airlines presents young Clive wielding his power repertoire in this week's #grom segment....

Grom Report: Luke Swanson at Bowls

Mokulele Airlines presents in this week's #gromreport Luke Swansonventuring south to Town to showcase his power game at Bowls.

Grom Report / Brodi Sale

By Kyveli Diener Photos Tony Heff Brodi Sale redefines the term “old soul.” Count on a kid raised on Big Island to value family time above all else, to be able to make important career decisions and travel t...

Grom Segment: Luke Tema

Mokulele Airlines presents in this week's #grom segment Luke Tema sliding through a fun-sized barrel at VLand during golden hour on the North Shore.