Sage Erickson Triumphs at Copa El Salvador Impresionante

California’s Sage Erickson took down the talented field of female surfers at the WQS 6,00 Copa El Salvador Impresionante presented by Body Glove. During the slow conditions in the final against Australia’s Keely Andrew, Erickson managed to pick off two waves over event favorite Andrew.  “This was a surreal event for me and I’m so stoked to win,” Erickson said. “The competition has never been higher and I’m just thankful to be up here. There were some highs and lows but stoked to make it through every condition. It just makes that 2016 tour even closer and so thankful for all the support.”


Fighting her way through the early rounds, Erickson had a close call with in the semi-final against Kauai’s Malia Manuel. Needing a one wave score of 5.87, Erickson swiped a last wave in the dying seconds the semi final scoring a 5.97, moving her to the final.

Erickson sits currently tied for first with Tatiana-Weston Webb on the World Surf League Women’s Qualifying series making her a contention for the 2016 WSL Women’s Championship Tour.


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