Ala Moana Beach Park photo: Heald
Kelia Moniz photo: gOnzo
Photo: Alika Lopes Every now and then an organic and impressive image comes along the photo editor's computer that is simple, yet stunning. This is one of those rare images. Sometimes magic is right there in front of everyone's eyes but only some dare to capture a compelling image of it, often with risk to themselves and their camera gear along the way. This issue is dedicated to Hawaiian shorebreak documentation—a dangerous but rewarding creative venue for the few who dare. To all the shorebreak warriors out there: we respectfully salute you.
Jun Jo photo: Christa Funk
Kekoa Bacalso photo: Aaron Nakamura
Anthony O'Brien photo: gOnzo
Photo by gOnzo Sunday evening, July 14th, 2019 during the biggest swell of the summer. When epic summer south swell events happen to occur over the weekend, Ala Moana Bowls becomes a big spectacle for everyone in the channel and around the beach park. It’s a great show, and we love being a part of it! Pictured here, Hawaiian Kekoa Cazimero (the prince of Bowls) enjoys one more barrel around 5:30pm… Just another typical south swell day at the park!
Ian Ronsson photo: gOnzo

Aperture / The Best of Summer

No complaints here! This summer has been very active with surf almost every day, with a few stand-out bangers to make us very happy here in Hawai‘i. There have been approximately five major south swells with the biggest pulse being on Sunday, July 14th – and that’s not even including all the tradewind swell that Sandy Beach regularly catches, keeping us grinning for days. Plus, while working on this issue, there are two hurricanes created more swell in addition to some south action mid-August, so all we can say is, “Thanks, Mother Nature!” Please take your time to appreciate our APERTURE photo gallery featuring top-shelf photographic work from some of the most dedicated lens-humans in the Islands, all captured during this wave-filled summer season. -gOnzo

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