Destinations / Mexico

By Keoki Saguibo
Photos Keoki & Mike Ito

When in México…

Heading south of the border in search of perfect, warm water waves has been (and still is) the ultimate road trip for many mainlanders. Some expats even call our neighboring country of México, ‘home’. Having done a couple of trips down south myself, there’s nothing more appropriate than calling it ‘The Wild West’ for a photographer/surfer. You may find some of the world’s best surf point and beach breaks with the occasional minor crowd. The further down south you travel, the more you yearn to find someone to share the stoke with.

The price for México’s endless breaks and minimal bodies in the lineup comes in the form of the “how-to’s” when traveling around. The most important rules for traveling down south are 1. Whenever possible, do not travel at night; and 2. Stick to the coastal roads. The government and police are somewhat lawless in México (again, it’s ‘The Wild, Wild West’). The Mexican cartels play their part in theft, but surfers are not a high priority on their list. But do be aware of banditos, who have no affiliation with cartels or the law, so they tend to do things in their own way.

Overall, the horror stories about México definitely do not outweigh the good ones. As in any developing country, there are logical things to avoid as well as obvious necessary priorities to keep you safe. Do your research and you’ll be safe and stoked.


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