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Kelia Moniz / By the Numbers

This month guest editor is the lovely and talented Kelia Moniz. We thought it would be fun to put a twist on our “By the Numbers” feature and have her share with us some fun numerical facts about her life.

How many miles did you fly the past year?
Over 150,000

How many world titles do you have?

How many brothers?

How many boards do you own?
Probably 10

How many “sisters”?
Sooo many!

How many fake teeth?
I have 6 fake teeth! Don’t let this smile fool ya! ; )

Favorite number?
7, for my family!

How many pairs of shoes?
Probably about 30, I get rid of shoes once they are dirty! Haha!

Longest nose ride, in seconds?
Honestly, behind my wake surf boat for like 25 seconds. Haha!

How many tattoos?

Age you started surfing?

Years your parents have been married?
I think my parents are almost 30 years! It’s kinda insane.

How many years you’ve been married?
1 Whole entire year!


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