O’Neill / First Name in the Water

[Irvine, CA, February 18, 2020] – As the original American surf brand and inventors of the wetsuit, O’Neill is proud to present the “First Name in the Water” campaign. O’Neill founder Jack O’Neill’s pioneering spirit and simple desire to surf longer left a legacy of innovation that transformed surf culture. Since 1952, O’Neill products have been trusted by athletes to take on the most demanding conditions. This is the foundation of the O’Neill brand. The First Name in the Water Campaign is where our authentic heritage and modern performance collide. We strive to innovate, evolve and continue inspiring all those who live the surf lifestyle.

The campaign was a gathering of surf cinematography shots from all corners of the world. It features O’Neill’s top athletes and was edited alongside unique environmental shots from the brand’s birthplace, Santa Cruz, CA. Renown cinematographer Riley Blakeway and O’Neill Art Director Deke Angel used classic imagery and video from the brand archive and then projected the footage against world-famous landmarks throughout Santa Cruz county. The Lighthouse at Steamer Lane, Jack O’Neill’s cliffside home on 41st Ave, The Wharf, Natural Bridges and more iconic locations synonymous with the brand were used in the shoot. The outcome was a stunning visual masterpiece that embodies the DNA and ethos at the core of O’Neill.

O’Neill Senior Art Director Deke Angel had this to say about the unique style of the campaign’s production. “We wanted to mix the brand heritage with contemporary surf and do it in a unique way. We also wanted to wrap the campaign around the town of Santa Cruz, the birthplace of the O’Neill brand. That desire is really where the projector concept came from and the use of the projector literally gave us the ability to blend heritage and modern surf on historically significant landmarks. Locations significant not only to Jack O’Neill and his brand, but also the town of Santa Cruz and in many ways, surf culture as a whole.”

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