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Summertime is in full swing, as south swell lights up the sleeping beauties that many surfers across the Hawaiian Islands have waited for so patiently. Temperatures are up, bbq grills are aflame, and tourist season makes for even less parking near popular surf breaks. Yet, whenever French Polynesia gets hit with an epic swell, surfers in Hawai‘i prepare for long days ahead in the sun. Unlike the North Shore winter, summer swells offer Endless Summer quality rides for days on end with friendly, welcoming conditions. Our Aperture section of this issue will take you on a journey from Kona to Lahaina and around the bustling cityscape of Honolulu, highlighting some of our favorite summer spots across the Islands.

In this summer issue, we sit down with surfing entrepreneur Kekoa Cazimero in Hawai‘i Kai to talk business (also pictured on the cover stylish as ever at his favorite wave, Ala Moana Bowls); from his new vlog to his brand, Ambassadors With Aloha, their plans for community outreach is focused on guiding our keiki. Then we dive into the epicenter of surf tourism to catch up with the eldest brother of the Moniz family, Micah, and hear about what it was like to grow up “surf-schooled” at Queen’s Beach, demonstrating just how far the support of a loving family can take us. We even chat about brotherhood with junior competitors Noah and Jaxon Kawaguchi (15 and 11) who rip their home break at Kewalos, the epicenter of gromhood for Town surfers.

And when we say ‘Town’, we’re referring to the US’s 10th largest city of Honolulu—we wish you good luck finding a parking spot, especially during those infamous weekend swells. Once you do paddle out, though, it will all be worth the extra effort. There’s no offseason for Town, but there’s definitely a time of year when we love it most: summer! Aloha, and mahalo for reading.

Shannon Reporting
Managing Editor


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