Surf Cats!

Drop into the world of surfing cats!
Written and illustrated by lifelong surfer and artist, Madek.
Surf Cats teaches the basics of surfing for kids and cats.
The book has a unique retro feel, with vivid illustrations.
Madek takes you on a wild ride around Cat Island. Meet up with local cats Bodhi, Gizmo, Ginger, and many others. You’ll learn their lingo, and see how they ride.
The rhythmic verse flows like waves, setting up the purr-fect bedtime surf session.
“It’s the kids’ book I wish I had, when my son was little,” states the author. He says he wanted to create a book that was authentic to the sport of surfing. Using cats as characters, and bright, fun imagery, Madek hopes to inspire a new generation of surfers.
The 8.5”x8.5” hard cover book has 48 full color pages, and is printed in the USA. Copies can be purchased at the Surf Cats web site for $24.99.
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