2013 Spring / Summer Board Buyer’s Guide

Freesurf’s annual Board Buyers Guide is returning in March, where we highlight shapers, boards, and surfboard accessories in the pages of our magazine.  We are interested in getting the latest and greatest in surfboard designs plus surfboard accessories (leashes, wax, board bags, deck pads, etc.) for the Freesurf audience to pour over.  And we would LOVE for you to be part of it!
Reserve your slot now!  More information will be coming your way soon (i.e. pricing and details), check back here for more information.

Check out our previous Board Buyer’s Guide online.


Please email a clean, well-lit, simple and contrasting background image of your surfboard or accessory. The original, un-edited image is preferred. If you stop by our offices, we will be happy to take one for you.

Sales: ml@freesurfmagazine.com

Submit final photos and info to




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