7th Annual Freedom Surf Contest

Surf Garage and Cobian presents Surfing the Nations “Surfers Giving Back”

Surfing the Nations is launching their annual Freedom Surf Contest – “Surfers for a Drug-Free Hawaii” on September 27-29, 2013 in Waikiki at Kuhio Beach. This will be the 7th annual Freedom Surf Contest and we are expecting nothing less than life changing this year.

The aim is to raise awareness of substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation issues, to help heal and transform the devastating effects that drugs and alcohol abuse is having on the people of Hawaii.

The Freedom Surf Contest has the official backing of Senator Fred Hemmings.

Heats will take place in all divisions and age groups and begin at 7 a.m. Live entertainment will be generously provided by the likes of Daniel Shishido, Emilia Garth, and the Artis Family Band.

Founder and Director Tom Bauer states, “One of a surfers greatest responsibilities is to give back.”

For entry forms and further information, contact Surf@surfingthenations.com or visit www.surfingthenations.com .

Surfing the Nations desires to promote a positive image of the sport of surfing as a part of a healthy lifestyle and as a means of giving back to society. Surfing the Nations is counteracting the widespread perception that surfing is only about individual fulfillment.

Surfing the Nations is a humanitarian non-profit 501(c)(3) committed to impacting local and international communities through the sport of surfing by meeting needs and transforming lives.

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