First Ever Kelly Slater Virtual Reality Surf Session

Ever wondered what it was like to explore the South Pacific coast or catch a wave with Kelly Slater? During the filming of Taylor Steele’s film, Proximity, Produced by Teton Gravity Research, Taylor was compelled to create more than just a surf film, creating a multimedia experience through film, photo, art and virtual reality.
“I feel like my entire body of work has been building towards this production,” Steele says. “This unique creative union with Teton Gravity Research and Garage Media came from our desire to do something in surfing that hasn’t been done before. Utilizing the latest technology, traveling to the far corners of the globe with my favorite surfers, and presenting in film, photos, virtual reality, and print media. It’s pretty much my dream project.”
While Kelly Slater has been captured by Steele utilizing Virtual Reality prior, this is the first ever released footage allowing you to explore the shores of the South Pacific with Slater and John John Florence and even catch a wave right there on Kelly’s surfboard.
“It’s a new way of telling stories and the future of filmmaking,” says director Taylor Steele about the utilization and inclusion of VR technology in Proximity. “You’re engulfed, you’re there physically and you’ll feel like you’re there with us.” The Proximity project has been a multi-media experience including a full-length film, VR experience, photo book, and art gallery.
While riding along with Kelly in the South Pacific’s remote blue azure waves, notice his custom designed surfboard, designed by the Gagosian Gallery, this was a focal point in the films feature art gallery at select tour stops.
View the behind the scenes footage of how Kelly and crew captures the 360-VR here.
View more captured 360-VR captured edits from Proximity:
About Proximity:
Proximity is a film that pairs surfing’s living legends with today’s most progressive young surfers. The film is directed by award-winning filmmaker Taylor Steele, produced by Teton Gravity Research (TGR) in association with Garage Productions. Proximity will explore the delicate relationship between people, time, and place, showcasing surfing icons from different generations in diverse locations around the world.

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