Greg Noll Photo Brian Bielmann

Greg “Da Bull” Noll


Greg “Da Bull” Noll, who became a surfing legend by combining a gregarious, outsized personality with the courage and skill to ride bigger, more powerful waves than anyone had ever attempted, has died. He was 84.

One of the first and arguably one of the greatest big-wave riders, Noll was much more than a surfer. He was also an entrepreneur who helped transform the sport with his Greg Noll surfboards, which were among the first to be built from balsa wood, which made them more maneuverable and light enough for most people to use.

“It is with a heavy heart the Noll family announces the death of our patriarch, Greg Noll.
Greg died of natural causes on Monday June 28th, at the age of 84.
We invite all of our friends and family to celebrate his life by sharing this post and your stories, pictures and experiences through your preferred platform.

The Noll Family”


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