Jr. Spotlight: Kaulana Apo

What is your favorite wave in the world right now?

Probably Thunders in Mentawais. Maybe Greenbush. But I don’t know Thunders right for sure, I think. Just because it was like ten foot and perfect barrels. We scored it one day all to ourselves. We paddled out at 7am and it wasn’t really doing it, then the tide came in and it turned on. Eight to ten foot all through the day to the evening.

What do you need to work most on?

Probably just being a better contest surfer. Staying consistent and focused in heats. Staying physically ready.

Are contests more physical or mental?

If you’re physically ready you will eventually feel better and think a lot more positive.

What contest would you want to win?

Volcom Pipe Pro or the WSL World Juniors.

If you win a big contest this year and get the fat check what is the first thing you will buy?

I’ll probably buy a car. I don’t own one yet. I’d probably save it until I get my license and buy a car.