If you’re traveling to the North Shore this winter, chances are you’ll find yourself at Foodland whether you like it or not, since it is the only grocery store along the seven- mile stretch. You’ll quickly realize that there are rules to this rodeo, so we’ve designed a survival guide to make sure you get out alive, with all the necessities.

The aisles are especially narrow, so choosing the hand basket over the shopping cart might be wise.

Be prepared to see friends and make new ones as the entire surf world attempts to shop from one store for six weeks.

Make sure you bring your recyclable shopping bag with you. The plastic bag ban is in effect.

When parking, under no circumstances should you ever go in the “out” way… and of course, never go out the “in” way. Respect the one-way rules. (See sketch above).

Don’t feed the bums outside.

Watch for deals on fresh poke! And hold onto your MaiKa’i “product of the week” savings coupon, it just might come in handy.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is located adjacent to the Foodland Pupukea store. If you can figure out how the line works, please let us know.

Limit your stop at the Redbox home movie vending machine to 1-2 minutes, the guy behind you wants to return his DVD.

There are some good food spots within walking distance of the store. You’ll find Pupukea Grill, Sandy’s sandwiches, Elephant Thai and more, just beyond the parking lot.

Located out front of Foodland is the community bulletin board where you can find a room to rent, a new puppy or a ride to the airport.


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