Photos gOnzo @gonzolenz and Mike Latronic

Town and Country swell March 10, 2019

By gOnzo
March usually tends to be an interesting month for Oahu wave wise.  As the legendary charger James “Booby” Jones once told me in the Kaisers parking lot a few years back when I asked him what were his thoughts about spring and March, he replied: “Town and Country brah“.  Basically what he meant is that March is one of the months that can have epic waves in both (or all) sides of the island simultaneously.  Is a transitional time between the two main seasons of summer and winter that still receives strong swells from all northerly and easterly directions plus early summer energy coming from Tahiti and the southern hemisphere latitudes.
This past weekend the island enjoyed swells on both town and country (and beyond) and surfers were happy.  I went to check out Queens with my fish-eye during lunch time on Sunday and it was pumping!  The longboard paradise was in full effect under the Hawaiian sun and smiles!
Mike Latronic shot country at the same time and got some grom action during the cleaner conditions of the whole week.
Hope you enjoy the gallery and go out and get wet yourself! More swell on the way. Aloha!

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