Mike Latronic

2017 Hawaiian Noseriding Team Classic, presented by Surf Garage

Throughout July 8th and 9th, with 2-4 foot surf on hand, longboarders infiltrated Queens for the 2017 Hawaiian Noseriding Team Classic, presented by Surf Garage.
The contest featured team divisions, along with individual divisions including Vintage Board Pre 1968, Pro Men (won by Kai Sallas for his impressive noseriding expertise), Pro Women, and only single fin boards were allowed.
Though there was a competitive element, family-friendly and fun vibes permeated throughout Waikiki’s fabled sands for the two day contest.
Photos Mike Latronic,  Keoki and Tyler Rock

Pro Men’s division:

1 Kai Sallas

2 Mau Ah Hee

3 John Paul Kaleopaa

4 Fritz Belmoro

5 John Vanhohenstein

Pro Women:

1 Lola Schremmer

2 Kirra Seale

3 Rosie Jaffurs

4 Sammy Rust

5 Kelis Kaleopaa

Longest Noseride:

1 John Vanhohenstein

Team Classic Winners

Team Wahine 1st Place: Kai Coffee

–    Haley Otto

–    Sammy Rust

–    Keani Canullo

–    Lala Thomas

–    Sally Cohen

Team Classic Winners

Team Wahine 2nd Place: Kuleana Sun Protection

–    Mason Schremmer

–    Lola Schremmer

–    Kelis Kaleopaa

–    Sasha Kauhane

–    Lilliana

Team Open 1st Place: Free Time

–    Kaimana Takayama

–    Mau Ah Hee

–    Kaniela Stewart

–    Kekaula Cambell

–    Kelly Rodrigues

Team Open 2nd Place: Moku Groms

–    Haley Otto

–    Sammy Rust

–    Kelis Kaleopaa

–    John Can Hohenstein

–    Ethan Speltz

Team Open 3rd Place: Surf Garage

–    Toru Yamaguchi

–    Kai Sallas

–    Toots Achinges

–    Akoi Sugiyama

–    Kenta Araki

Team Open 4th Place: Margaritaville Mates

–    Mason Schremmer

–    Lola Schremmer

–    Nelson Ahina

–    Sasha Kauhane

–    Kirra Seale

Vintage Board Pre 1968 24” Tape Line

1 Kai Sallas

2 Fritza Belmoro

3 David Carvalho

4 Link Earle

5 Mackenzie Yoshida


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