Bruce Irons Photo: Heff

Bruce Irons earns Pipe Wildcard and New Sponsor

The commissioner has spoken and it’s great news for Bruce Irons! Kieren Perrow’s voice zipped through the coconut wireless this week, explaining that Bruce will gain a wildcard entry into the Pipe Masters because of the withdrawals of Matt Banting and our very own Freddy P.

Marvelous news, isn’t it? Especially considering that this wildcard entry is exactly what the surf masses have been asking for, doing so via social media with the hashtag #Bruce4PipeMastersWildCard.

While we don’t know if Bruce’s entry had anything to do with #Kierengivingintothepressure, we do know that (now RVCA-sponsored) Bruce will be live in gladiator like fashion at the beastly and boisterous but beautiful crown jewel of the North Shore.

To further commemorate Irons’ exciting week, we swam through the pool of video footage here at Freesurf to find a recent clip the 36-year-old firing his Pipeline pistons during one of the first big swells of the 2015 winter season. We watched the clip repeatedly, and we thought you would too. – Cash Lambert 



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