Cover Story- Makua Rothman


By Mike Latronic

The romance of the Hawaiian summer for surfers and ocean lovers is pointedly the colorful spirit and bustling beach and surf culture vibe of Waikiki. Other south shore venues like Sandy Beach, Kewalos and Diamond Head all have their unique and somewhat popular flavor… but Waiks is iconic.

Waikiki’s near shore waters claim beautiful and gentle surfing areas, such as Queens, Walls, Pops, Canoes and Publics to name a few. But hands down the most alluring and sought after surfing rides are at the break known as ‘Number Threes’, or ‘Threes’ for short.

It just so happened I was enjoying a small off season swell on the North Shore with current world number one WSL big wave surfer and rising musical artist Makuakai Rothman. It was popular knowledge that a large south swell was en route, and Makua and I got into a discussion about where the right spot might be. I mentioned there was no other place I’d rather be than Threes on the right swell and tide, and then Makua uttered the unthinkable…

“I’ve never surfed Threes.”

Baffled, I was quick to say Threes was indeed one of the best world class waves in Hawai‘i on the right conditions – albeit very fickle and immensely crowded with old school longboarders, respected watermen and “aunties and uncles” who live and breathe the spot. It’s also about a 15 minute paddle out.

As you can see by this month’s cover shot, nabbed by Keoki Saguibo with a 50mm lens, Makua made it to Number Threes this summer in style! I got a chance to inquire with Makua about the session and his thoughts:

“Well first I want to say thank you to Freesurf, for giving me the cover of this issue… Yeah it was the first time I’ve ever surfed Threes! Johnny Boy Gomes, my dad, and Tom Dosland ultimately got me out there. If it wasn’t for Tommy D (urging me) I wouldn’t have surfed there that day. Now I found my new favorite spot in Town.”



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