DaHui Backdoor Shootout Crowns Tyler Newton 2019 Champion

“We caught up with Kauai’s Tyler Newton after a thirst-quenching champagne shower reigned him as champion of the 2019 DaHui Backdoor Shootout. He was frothing, and deservingly. It takes bravado and serious commitment to surf your way to the podium of this heavily local event with Hawaii’s A-listers.

‘I just had to keep my anxiety down, because there were are so many good waves out there that you just wanna go for everything, but I tried to wait for the really good ones.’ Unique to the Backdoor Shootout, the judges can reward higher than a standard 10-point format. Tyler ran away with an 11.5 and a 10.5… along with a check for $40,000 and newly found momentum.” – Shannon Reporting


Team Results:

1st – Weed Maps

2nd – North Shore Surf Shop

3rd – Quiksilver

4th – DaHui Wax

5th – Volcom

6th – Team Japan

7th – CBD MD

8th – Hui O He’e Nalu


Individual Results:

1st – Tyler Newton

2nd – Jamie O’Brien

3rd – Shota Nakamura

4th – Keito Matsuoka

5th – Bruce Irons


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