Freesurf Striving for Perfection

If you haven’t heard about Perfect Bars, then it’s about time you did! Freesurf’s staff fridge is stocked with the delicious and nutritious bars that are gluten free, high in protein and packed with vitamins and 20+ organic superfoods. They keep the team at Freesurf stoked all day long! These Perfect Bars also have a nutrition label that is easy to pronounce and understand and the flavors are as tasty as it gets! Try the Carob Chip, Almond Butter and Cranberry Crunch Lite flavors, or sink your teeth into Freesurf’s personal favorite, the Peanut Butter bar.

Perfect Bars are the perfect grab-and-go snack for surfers, since each one is packed with healthy ingredients to keep you energized and sustained in the water. Great for kids and parents alike, these bars are the perfect snack for the beach, school lunches, road trips or wherever else life takes you!

About: Perfect Bar was created out of a love for health, fitness and nutrition. Pioneer Dr. Bud Keith (a.k.a. Dad) created an organic mixture of peanut butter, honey, whole food supplements and announced, “It’s Perfect!” In 2005, the eldest Keith siblings shared their father’s recipe and launched Perfect Foods Bar. As these bars have reached perfection in the nutrition world, they have since shortened the name to Perfect Bar because it’s well…perfect!


Check out the newest name in healthy snack bars at or call them at (619) 316-8494.


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