St. Louis’s Marcus Mariota holds off signing with the Tennessee Titans due to surfing. The Hawaii native and Saint Louis graduate, is the only first-round draft pick that hasn’t signed with a professional football team due to a contract clause forbidding him to participate in any other active sport that could possibly lead to a catastrophic injury. Including surfing.

Surfing would be good for Mariota in terms of muscle relaxation and rehabilitation according to reports. Mariota, a bodyboarder by heart, says surfing is his form of escapism from the daunting mental and physical task that comes from being a professional football player.  In addition, surfing can help Mariota unwind by allowing him to get away from the pressures of being the face of the Titans franchise.

This being a blip in the process of Mariota becoming a Titan, Mariota still looks to joining the Tennessee franchise for training camp.