One Man All by Hand

If you are looking for a handcrafted surfboard, Todd Pinder just might be the man you are searching for. As more and more popout surfboards get manufactured overseas, and as more shapers embrace computer shaping technology, Todd Pinder remains committed to the traditional methods of board building. Simply put, Pinder builds surfboards like your grand pappy used to, all by hand.


At his King Street surf shop/shaping room, Pinder mows foam 6 days a week. Crafting all manner of surfboards, from longboards, rhino chasers, 80s style thrusters to Mini-Simmons, Pinder has gathered a diverse group of surfer/clients over the years that are willing to wait 6 months for a custom shape. And while there are still plenty of surfboard builders that hand shape here in Hawaii, there are very few shapers that still make the entire board all by themselves.


Having never before seen the board building process from start to finish, I asked Pinder if it would be cool to film the entire process for the Freesurf blog. Over a 5 day period, I watched Todd shape, glass, paint and sand my board. Hell, Pinder even made the board’s keel fins out of plywood. It doesn’t get more custom than that kids.


While I intuitively knew that surfboard building was a time consuming craft, nothing could prepare me for the level of dedication Pinder put into making my board. The best part is that my surfboard rides as good as it looks. My 5’6 x 22” x 2 7/8” Bar’O’Soap is the perfect board for town.





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