Pipeline Quarantine with the Smith Bros

Travis and Koa Smith (and friends) score rare late season Pipeline, walk you through an action-packed day in their current quarantine life in Hawaii, fuel up at the sunrise shack and spread positivity during this crazy time. BIG WIPEOUTS! BULLET COFFEE! BROKEN BOARDS! BROKEN BLENDERS! AND BIG FRIGGIN’ BARRELS! #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve

Filmed and edited by Michael Veltman https://www.instagram.com/michaelvelt… https://vimeo.com/michaelveltman

Drone Footage by Koa Smith

Starring: Travis Smith – https://www.instagram.com/triggtrav/

Koa Smith – https://www.instagram.com/koasmith/

Music: Barbatula – Blank Minds Barbatula – Disco Trouble Particle House – Rangers of the Night (Instrumental Version) Josh Gram – Ibiza Trouble Blood River – Timeless Cyan Palette


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