Swell Report Bowls

“The most over-hyped, over-exaggerated south swell of the summer (some news outlets were even forecasting faces of 10-to-14ft… go figure!) just turned out to be a two-day fun size swell event with overhead sets at select spots, with decent tides all day. It was lully at times, but everyone that went out caught a wave or two, just not the Big Bowl that we expected after we saw the heaviest day at Teahupo’o since perhaps Code Red in 2011.

Nonetheless, Town provided hours of gratification everywhere from dawn to dusk, satiating our wave riding urge for a bit, so we are happy to say the least. Everyone is still scratching their heads trying to figure out where the big bombs went or why the swell arrived to our coastlines so downgraded, but oh well… that’s Mother Nature: always a very dynamic and ever-changing realm. Please enjoy our multimedia coverage. We worked it hard using a few different cameras and angles for your viewing pleasure. Aloha!” – gOnzo 📷 @gonzolenz


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