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“If I’m surfing all day in major sun conditions, Vertra Sunscreen is hands down what I’m bringing. It works, it stays on all day, and I feel like it gives me nice coverage. I like it because it’s actually the color of my skin. I even put it on my lips, mixing it with lipstick so it gives it a nice tint. It’s a surf trip essential.”


“I always have to have music. This is a new essential, and I always bring it now.”

Hair Mist

“I use ‘Awapuhi Coconut Hair Therapy Mist from Aloha Grown Beauty to protect my hair from harmful rays, sun damage and salt. It’s organic, and locally made on Maui.”

Sun Hat

“I call this my Auntie hat because it’s wide brimmed and has a velcro in the back, so my bun can go through the top because there’s no top. I bring that everywhere. It’s absolutely an essential.”

Disposable Camera

“I like to have a disposable camera with me for at least one shot. I don’t take a lot of pictures, but if it’s one special thing that happens, I’ll take a picture of it.”

Water Bottle

“I always bring my own water bottle, because if there is access to some type of filtration system, you don’t have to create waste by using multiple plastic water bottles and also, you know it’s yours. Drink Water is an initiative promoting drinking water, and I like it because it’s such a raw, simple statement.”



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