WATCH: Evan Geiselman’s Rescue after Pipeline wipeout

We’re happy to report that Evan Geiselman is in stable condition. On Sunday morning, the crowds at Pipeline watched in horror as the 22-year-old was pulled from the water – unconscious – after pulling into a deep barrel and taking three waves on the head.

Geiselman had a team of guardian angels aid in the recovery: Professional bodyboarder Andre Botha attempted rescue breaths while swimming him in, both Mick Fanning and Danny Fuller were on hand to help pull Geiselman onto dry sand and the North Shore lifeguards as well as the paramedics acted swiftly and decisively in getting him whisked away to the hospital.

We’ve held the video of Evan’s wave and the daring rescue until we received word of his good condition, and in an environment that consistently proves Murphy’s Law as valid, the clip is a cold reminder during this 2015 winter season of how dangerous Pipeline can truly be.



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