33rd Annual Quiksilver Big Island Toyota Pro-Am Surfing Trials  

Photos: David Prager and Kai Bradley

Men’s Winners

  1. Shayden Pacarro from Puna **
  2. Theo Landt from Hamakua
  3. Chase Rasse  from Hilo
  4. Nakoa Kuamo’o Mendiola from Hilo **
  5. Brad Young
  6. David Santiago

  ** Ocean Donaldson-Sargis

  **  Honu Longley

Women’s Winners

  1. Kahanu Delovio from Kona  **
  2. Jade Steele from Puna   **
  3. Rumor Star Butts from Hilo
  4. Malaika Bishaw from Puna
  5.  Carolynn  Orr from Hilo
  6. Tegan Harrs from Kona

Longboard Winners

  1. Crispin Nakoa from Hilo **
  2. Pono Hirakami **
  3. Chris Arruda from Hilo
  4. Puna Moeller from Hilo
  5. Andrew Thompson from Kohala
  6. Wally Tavares from Puna

Bodyboard Winners

  1. Jimmy Hutaff from Puna **
  2. Jiemone Oliva-Munoz Puna **
  3. Peyton Oda from Puna
  4. Kalaalena DeRego-Guerpo from Puna
  5. Sean Harvey from Puna
  6. Jason Levi  Jr. from Hilo

**  Denotes winners  of Round trip tickets to Oahu and entry fee to Pro event on Oahu.


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