APB World Tour 2015 Schedule

The Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) is the sole governing body of professional bodyboarding. Crowning bodyboarding’s undisputed world champions, the APB sanctions the following tours: the APB Men’s World Tour (APB MWT), the APB Women’s World Tour (APB WWT), the APB Dropknee World Tour (APB DKWT) and the APB Pro Junior (APB PJWT).

The APB is dedicated to showcasing the world’s elite bodyboarder’s in the world’s best waves with the International organization supported globally by six regions – Sth Africa, Australasia, Europe, Hawaii, Japan and South America.

The following is the confirmed event schedule for the APB 2015 season:

Annaelle Challenge- Jul 01 – Oct 31

Itacoatiara Pro- Jul 02 – Jul 12

Arica Chilean Challenge- Jul 17 – Jul 26

Antofagasta BB Festival– Jul 28 – Aug 02

Shark Island/ Mobile NSW– Aug 19- Sept 06

Sintra Pro– Sept 22- Sept 27

Nazare Pro– Sept 29- Oct 04




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