Moments of performance surfing alchemy abound during the six weeks of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, as the combination of surfing talent and quality waves crammed into this small stretch of coastline are unlike anywhere else in the world. While competitive glory is the main storyline of the VTCS, there are no shortage of moments of pure surfing bliss between the heats during the season. Owen Wright in a moment of personal glory at Pipeline. Photo: Mike Latronic
Ocean Macedo, Pipeline. Photo: Shane Gracey Surfers will dedicate their entire lives to surfing Pipeline for the chance at a wave like this. For Maui’s Ocean Macedo, his chance came at just 16 years old: “That day at Pipe was so big and it was super packed. I was sitting all the way out the back and got washed by a set and lost my board. I swam in from the Second Reef, grabbed a new leash and paddled back out, and then that wave came straight to me. It was the second wave of a set, a super scary whitewater double-up loading on the First Reef. Everyone in the lineup got pushed around by the first wave in the set, so no one else was really in position from how far back I was. I turned and went; I don’t think I’ve ever been in a bigger barrel,” said Macedo.
Barron Mamiya, Pipe. Photo: Ryan "Chachi" Craig
Gabriel Medina, Insanities. Photo: Andrew Oliver
Pipe shoreline Photo: Keoki
Italo Ferreira, OTW lefts. Photo: Pedro Gomes
Koa Rothman, Pipe Photo: Austin Moore
Photo by Keoki Mad respect for this crazy close fish-eye pass by angle by the team of surfer Marshall Alberga and water photography specialist Keoki Saguibo. Wide angle photography in big barrels is risky business, to say the least.
Michael Ho, Backdoor. Photo: gOnzo
We live for the glorious golden hour. Bella Miller Photo: Nick Gruen
Zeke Lau, OTW. Photo: gOnzo


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