Emilia Perry Photo: Christa Funk
Latai Soakai Photo: Ryan "Chachi" Craig
Alicia Kelley Photo gOnzo
Alicia Kelley Photo Nick Gruen
Aline Akemi Adisaka Photo Mike Latronic
Brittany Hokulan Penaroza Photo Mike Latronic
Mason Schremmer. Photo Mike Ito
Savanna Stone Photo Mike Latronic
Tyler Wright Photo: Mike Latronic
Tiki Willis and Keani-Canullo Photo Will Walling

Aperture / Wahine

Every annual wahine issue tends to be a very colorful one full of smiles, focus, and just plain stoke. I mean, let’s face it: who could be happier in this world than a sun-kissed gal on a surfboard enjoying all the fun in the sun that our sport has to offer? The stoke is contagious, and that is the main objective of this issue’s APERTURE: to share the blissful joy that our wahine experience every time they paddle out for a session at their home break, or in a faraway land where discovering new waves, new people, and good vibes is the incentive. We at Freesurf Mag hope you enjoy this beautiful gallery of women here in Hawai‘i and around the world doing what they do best: riding waves with their hearts and souls, spreading aloha through their smiles and love for wave riding.

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