Dane Grady

This image was taken during a tropical, crisp sunset at the end of a highly enjoyable Hawaiian summer. I wanted to create something different with my camera and the ocean this session, I was aiming for a slow shutter speed effect coupled with the clarity of a transparent wave. Certain waves under the right conditions provide an amazing translucent effect when they break. It took me a while to figure out which waves will provide this. Luckily this day had plenty to offer and I nailed one out of the fifty or so attempts. I love the way this image turned out, as I have never seen one quite like it, even with the saturated scene of wave photographs these days. What stands out most is the way the clouds look through the wave, like warm cotton candy through a silky clear curtain of water. There’s so much motion and energy in this image and it is a rare image for myself and I will cherish it forever.


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