Gabriel Medina Photo: Joli

Gabriel Medina Wins Vans Triple Crown

“I’m really stoked to be the first Brazilian to win a Triple Crown – it was actually my goal coming to Hawaii. This year has been difficult for me when I lost the first four events and everyone said I wouldn’t have a shot at the World Title. I’m so thankful to come here and be a part of the World Title race. I’m so happy to make the Final, it was a tough heat against Mick and I got the score I needed in the last minute and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’m so excited for Adriano to win his first World Title and Pipe Master – I know he’s been dreaming for ages and he did everything he could.

I’m so happy for everything I did this year. I just want to thank my sponsors for helping me this year and my Dad and Mom supporting me.

This wave is really powerful, hard to surf. In the past, we used to watch Kelly and Andy going crazy getting 10s and 9s and paddle battles…that was really sick to watch. I’m just honored to be here in Hawaii with amazing waves.”


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