Get Lost / The Travel Issue

When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone? For those with the travel bug, exploring the unknown brings joy and excitement, but for others it can create paralyzing bouts of fear. However, I believe it’s innately human to stay curious about our magical planet and may even be one of the keys to a happy and fulfilled life. Our quest for knowledge and understanding motivates us to embark on a global journey to see what’s beyond the horizon.

Surfers will easily hop off the couch when a swell pops up on the charts, and nowadays, our internet connection has enabled a global community of wave hunters to find exactly what they are looking for. Never has a generation of surfers had such easy access to quick and affordable transportation (unless you’re hustling board bags on an unfriendly airline causing travel funds to vanish in a flash). From the longest left hand point breaks in Peru, to the largest waves in the world believed to exist in Portugal, these phenomenal spectacles give us reason to believe that “the search” is a lifelong journey for the traveling surfer.

Many of the captivating stories in our annual travel issue touch upon the importance of respect—for the locals, for Mother Earth, and for the vibrant diversity of cultures globally. As surfers, we share a deep connection to the ocean that should be celebrated and bring us together despite our differences. We must give back to the places we visit and be conscious of the impact our actions have on society. Leave the beach cleaner than you found it. Leave a surfboard with a local grom when you can afford it—that board might just change the course of their life.

When we keep the curiosity alive by opening our hearts to new waves and new experiences, the possibilities are endless. When we embrace the humility of not being a local in the lineup every once in a while, we gain perspective. It’s quite the humbling surf session when one’s abroad; it builds character and patience, which is truly a virtue while on the road.

We open our minds when we leave our comfort zones. We grow. We learn. We understand ourselves and our neighbors better. And when you are lucky enough to live Hawai‘i, you’ll often find that the more you travel, the more you appreciate “home”.

Safe travels,
Shannon Reporting
Managing Editor


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