Photo: Ben Thouard

Guest Editor’s Note / Zak Noyle

There is something special about holding a magazine, viewing images and turning pages, as opposed to holding one’s phone and sliding your finger along the glass. Times change, but to this day print remains very special in a young photographer’s life. I still remember my first time seeing images I had shot finally published in a surf magazine. I was 19 years old, and it was a shot from the South Shore of O’ahu in H3O Magazine. I gazed at the tangible accomplishment for a while, and from that moment on, the fire was ignited.

As surf magazines (or magazines in general) shut their doors, Freesurf remains as the last standing 12-issue print surf mag. Fortunately, we have it in our backyard, something that we are able to touch, feel, and grab with the latest and best imagery coming out of Hawai`i and around the world.

As Guest Photo Editor for this issue, I took it upon myself to highlight inspirations and photographers to look out for with my list of some of the best upcoming water photographers in Hawai`i now. These aren’t the only up-and-coming photographers in Hawai`i by any means — this is just a short list of some young photogs who truly inspire and push me in my own photography. Keep on shooting! And like my dad, Ric Noyle, always says, “Shoot loose and edit tight!”

– Zak Noyle


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