Hurley continues its long-standing reputation of hosting world-class surf events while leading the industry in Social Responsibility and Sustainability by bringing its H2O initiative to the 2013 Hurley Pro. This year, H2O brings together its non-profit partners Waves For Water, The Ecology Center, and the San Onofre Foundation to present the most provocative and largest educational experience ever featured on the tour.

In 2008, Hurley introduced the industry to the “single-use-plastic water-bottle free” concept under the H2O initiative and to minimize contest footprint. Since then, that initiative has helped divert tons of plastic from beach events and provide access to clean water for millions of people worldwide.

Raising the bar for this year’s Hurley Pro, the H2O initiative will feature programs and displays by the Hurley H2O Blue Room, Waves For Water, The Ecology Center, and The San Onofre Foundation. Each will offer a hands-on experience to inform and inspire all attendees about the importance of clean water and providing tangible solutions for people in need.

 “TheHurley Pro is a place where we like to challenge ourselves,” said Ben Edwards, VP of Global Outreach at Hurley. “This year, we’ve upped the stakes with our sustainability plan and our social responsibility efforts. From the recycling and beach awareness programs to the human inspiration platforms, we feel that the effort we are making here will actually help change lives. For example, we are giving each athlete a water filtration unit from our friends at Waves for Water and challenging them to be Clean Water Couriers next surf trip. We are showing how each one of us can truly make a difference. Nothing like this has ever been done before.”

The following is a highlight of the H2O initiatives that attendees will experience at the Hurley Pro:


This 20-foot repurposed shipping container will serve to provide filtered water for people during the entire contest as well as to inform of the event’s sustainability programming. Hurley encourages attendees to bring reusable canteens to fill-up for free during the event.

Hurley H2O regenerated t-shirts and stainless steel water bottles will be on sale with net-proceeds helping fund non-profit partners Waves for Water and The Ecology Center.

The event will debut, “Hydration Nation” concept with Rob Machado’s recent water relief effort in Nicaragua along with students from his former high school, San Dieguito Academy. Other educational tools and inspirational videos will also be on display to highlight his recent body of work.


President and Founder, Jon Rose will attend the contest and be guest announcer for the web-cast to provide various updates on his recent humanitarian work in Brazil and Hurricane Sandy relief.

Through their Clean Water Courier Initiative aka W4W’s do-it-yourself humanitarian initiative, Jon and team have helped distribute over 120k portable water filtration units with the capacity to provide clean water for over 10 million people.

All Hurley Pro contestants will receive water filters in their welcome bags to educate and motivate athletes to become Clean Water Couriers.


A team from San Juan Capistrano’s The Ecology Center, will be on-site to teach backyard skills for a more sustainable lifestyle and inspire others to be “part of the solution.” Their 25-foot geodesic educational dome will make its debut featuring water-footprinting information on everyday items.

The team led by Founder, Evan Marks, will also work directly with production partner IMG for biodiesel-fuelled machinery to minimize use of fossil fuels. The team will also work directly with waste management company, CR&R, to divert trash for recycling and composting for the entire event.

To round it out this year, The Ecology Center is organizing Bike Ride for our Watershed, an alternative transportation/bike trip from San Clemente Pier to Trestles on Saturday 21st at 9:00am with a beach clean-up effort planned for post event. Participants will receive a free H2O canteen and an Acai Bowl from Sambazon.


An industry first fundraising effort took place for this year’s expression session at the Hurley Pro. Hurley has donated a special time slot to the five top auction bidders announced earlier this week for a 20-minute surf session with legendary surf icon and humanitarian, Rob Machado. Funds raised from the auction benefit the San Onofre Foundation to help preserve the state park area.

The Hurley H2O experience will be up and running throughout the entire Hurley Pro September 15th-21st during contest hours.

For additional information about the Hurley Pro, H2O program, and any of the above initiatives please visit http://www.thehurleypro.com/ or contact Maria Boschetti, Hurley Director of Communications at maria_boschetti@hurley.com and 949.548.9375.


Water-borne company Hurley founded Hurley H2O in 2008 as their water initiative with the mission to provide clean water for everyone. Partnering with Waves for Water and The Ecology Center, water awareness is part of Hurley’s everyday conversation and informs the companies decision making as 100% of Hurley H2O products help fund clean water programs. To date 10 million people have been touched by these efforts.   www.hurley.com/h2o


Waves for Water is a humanitarian aid organization founded by former professional surfer Jon Rose, focused on providing access to clean water and comprehensive disaster relief programs to communities in need around the world. Since 2009 the organization has collaborated with community leaders and strategic partners who take a “no-nonsense” approach towards creating global change. Working on the front lines to provide clean water filtration solutions and aid for every person that needs it, W4W has structured a coordinated response to every major disaster in recent years including; Pakistan, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan, and most recently Hurricane Sandy in the US. Thanks to the organizations lean and nimble structure and their “DIY” volunteer program, Clean Water Couriers, Waves for Water has pioneered the concept of guerrilla humanitarianism by empowering everyday individuals to do what they love and help along the way.  www.wavesforwater.org


The Ecology Center is an exciting new educational center, whose purpose is to engage the entire family in fun, hands-on activities that teach practical, environmental solutions at the household and community level. The Ecology Center is located at 32701 Alipaz St. in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. For more information, please visitwww.theecologycenter.org or (949) 443-4223.


The San Onofre Foundation (SOF) is a California non-profit, charitable corporation, whose mission is to provide education, protection, and preservation for the California State Parks at San Onofre and San Clemente State Beaches. As a public liaison to these parklands, the San Onofre Foundation will foster a comprehensive stewardship of this unique recreational resource, with its historically important sites and environmentally significant setting. http://www.sanofoundation.org.


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