Ian Walsh’s 12th Annual Menehune Mayhem

Ian Walsh’s 12th Annual Menehune Mayhem

By Summer Macedo

Jumpy castles, jet skis, massive floaties, a dunk tank, obstacle courses, free massages, and fun waves. These were just a few of the things included in Ian Walsh’s 12th Annual Menehune Mayhem competition, held on Saturday April 4th at Ho‘okipa on Maui. With 12 divisions and over 160 kids competing, there was never a dull moment. Even though the competition started around 8am, most parking spots were taken before the sun rose. Restless groms and dedicated parents arrived early to catch a few waves and warm up before the contest started.

The first group in the water were the 5 & Under keiki. The 2 to 3 foot waves provided optimal conditions for a wide variety of divisions, with ages ranging from 3 to 17 years old. Big wave charger and Maui local Ian Walsh hosted the event for the twelfth year in a row, saying, “This event is the one I look forward to the most every single year. For me, it’s like reliving being 10 years old again and being able to create all these fun activities that I would’ve wanted when I was a kid.” Ian also gives mention to all the people who help make the event possible: “It’s also something that wouldn’t happen without the community’s involvement… It is Maui’s event and I’m very proud to be involved and help it keep going.”

Along with the competitive surfing, Ian supported academic accomplishments as well. Surfers with the highest grade point averages were given awards and new HP laptops! More laptops along with prize bags were also given to division winners, plus healthy snacks and hydrating drinks were provided throughout the day to keep everyone fueled.

Overall, Ian fulfilled his goal of stoking all the groms out. Professional surfers like Shane Dorian, Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Granger Larsen, Kai Barger, Paige Alms, Chippa Wilson and more joined Ian Walsh at the event to sign posters and autographs. Even a huge Hawaiian monk sealand a couple turtles came to check out all the mayhem.


Photos by Marc Chambers915A4655 M.ChambersBR9A5031 M.ChambersBR9A5119 M.ChambersBR9A5298 M.ChambersBR9A5332 M.ChambersBR9A5346 M.ChambersBR9A5447 M.ChambersBR9A5487 M.ChambersBR9A5501 M.ChambersBR9A5526 M.ChambersBR9A5669 M.ChambersBR9A5672 M.ChambersBR9A5731 M.ChambersBR9A5732 M.ChambersBR9A5733 M.ChambersBR9A5735 M.ChambersBR9A5736 M.ChambersBR9A5737 M.ChambersBR9A5738 M.ChambersBR9A5739 M.ChambersBR9A5740 M.ChambersBR9A5741 M.ChambersBR9A5743 M.ChambersBR9A5744 M.ChambersBR9A5745 M.ChambersBR9A5746 M.ChambersBR9A5747 M.ChambersBR9A5748 M.ChambersBR9A5749 M.ChambersBR9A5750 M.ChambersBR9A5751 M.ChambersBR9A5752 M.ChambersBR9A5754 M.ChambersBR9A5755





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