KaiKini Bikinis Celebrates 5 Years

Kapaa, Hawaii – The seeds of now fan loyal KaiKini Bikinis were planted 5 years ago when Designer & Founder, Taryn Rodighiero, decided she was through spending money on substandard bikinis. Rather than complain of the lack of quality, integrity, and sustainability the bikini industry possessed, Taryn decided to bet on herself and her vision.

After years of hands on work and dedication the cards have revealed, KaiKini is the victor here to stay. Beach lovers and wanderlust adventurers do not flock to KaiKini just to look beautiful on the sand. They turn to KaiKini so they can feel good about where their bikini comes from. The brand spreads their aloha through all avenues of their business from Earth first manufacturing to utilizing USA made materials to treating their employees just like Ohana. KaiKini began with a single vision, developed into a single bikini sample and surpassed obstacle after

KaiKini’s anniversary celebration on Kauai is dedicated to all those who helped the brand in it’s successful development. A celebration of gratitude to employees past and present, the photographers, make up artists, retailers, bankers, Brand Ambassadors, models, the surrounding community…to ALL who believed. There were no obstacle to distribute worldwide as Hawaii’s largest bikini manufacturer.

Big or small parts played, every helping hand led KaiKini Bikinis to this very moment. For more information on KaiKini Bikinis please visit: http://www.kaikini.com/


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