What you need to know about Hurricane Lester

By now, you’ve already heard of Hurricane Madeline and Hurricane Lester, two centrifugal forces bearing down our beloved chain of islands.

Lester, which meteorologists anticipate should hit the state as a category 2 storm, is forecast to take a path north of the islands, churning out buckets of rain and a bevy of swell in the process. Here’s four things you need to be aware of:

1) Prepare for the worst. Whatever you may need: food, water and other necessities, make sure you have it before these storms spin any closer. Even though forecasts have the storms following specific paths, they could change their direction.

2) From Hilo to Lihue, batten down the hatches and prepare for rain as well as high winds.

3) Expect swell, and lots of it for those on the Southern and Eastern-facing shores. Use significant caution if you plan to paddle out. If the currents look risky, or the swell looks wonky, don’t risk it.

4) Be ready to help anyone, from a neighbor to a random passerby, who may need assistance.


Central Pacific Hurricane Center


Lester Forecast

2015 Hurricane swell action Photos: jdub.808



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