Roy Gonzalez Blues Legends Aloha Shirt

Roy Gonzalez, the artist, has teamed up with Hoffman Fabrics and High Seas Trading to create the first ever Artist Signature Series aloha shirts and related products. The first in the series is a bold and colorful depiction of the Blues Legends.
Roy has had a long relationship with the blues hanging with the likes of BB King and his creation of the Matriarch of the Blues album cover for Etta James.
Born out of our combined passion for The Blues, we set out to pay homage to the renegade legends that broke ground and paved the way for generations of Soul, R&B, and Rock-n-Roll artists. Roy masterfully captures the heart and soul of each musician in ten painstakingly hand-inked characters that were then woven into a visual tapestry with background elements drawn deeply from the roots and origins of this genre.
We enlisted the best studio in textiles and our top creatives to ensure that every nuanced detail was faithfully reproduced on cloth which is hand tailored in California to create afine art collectible Aloha Shirt.
aloha shirt blues 2

Next Artist Signature Series release will be Surf Legends. Scheduled to be delivered in June. Just in time for Roy’s exhibition at the California Surf Museum inOceanside, California.


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