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Save Makai Curb Parking at Ala Moana Beach Park

Mayor Caldwell is planning to eliminate all makai curb parking to create more ocean views while adding loading and unloading zones instead.
NO!  This will make everyone cross the street after parking on the mauka side of the street and create even more traffic and hazardous conditions.

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The plan is to widening the beach‐side walkway making it a promenade and thereby eliminating the grassy area next to the curb.
NO!  This will take away areas where families set up tents to picnic, individuals lounge and read in the shade, friends talk story, etc.
Additionally, we don’t want:

  • Metered parking
  • One way traffic in any area of the park
  • A vehicle entrance at Piikoi Street into the Park

Keep Ala Moana Beach Park for the people who use the park, welcome those who come, but don’t turn it into another “Waikiki!”

  • As concerned citizens, we urge our leaders to act now to change to Master Plan for Ala Moana to reflect the wishes of your constituents, the people of Hawai`i!
  • Come to the Final Meeting on January 29, 2018, 6 pm, at McCoy Pavilion to lend your voice to keep Ala Moana Beach Park the People’s Park.

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