Tony Valentino photo: gOnzo
Zoe McDougal photo: gOnzo
Conor Kennedy photo: gOnzo
Kaito Kino photo: gOnzo
Kapono Nahina photo: gOnzo
Kekoa Bacalso photo: gOnzo
Kekoa Cazimero photo: gOnzo
Keoni Young photo: gOnzo
Robert Grilho photo: gOnzo
Rovert Grilho photo: gOnzo
Savanna Stone photo: gOnzo

September Town Action

“Waves for days in town! The first week of September stayed active with various pulses of south-southwest swell energy for days with even some unusual tropical south-southeast swell from a lingering tropical depression.  Specifically around the days of September 6th to the 8th.  Here’s some images of the sessions I got to document from land and water.  It looks like there is going to be some days of slow surf but that might change at the end of the month when it looks like we are going to receive some solid swell action in country.  Aloha”.