Josh Moniz Photo: Brian Bielmann

Cover Shot / Seth Moniz

Our next cover, Josh Moniz, Kewalos. 📷 Brian Bielmann

Cover Story / Brian Bielmann, Photo Editor
“I’ve lived on the north shore for 43 years and in all that time I’ve probably surfed/shot town five or six times. Crazy I know.

This summer I was determined to get some good surf and photos, and with the virus fiasco and not being able to travel, what better time to explore the south side. The first swell hit and I decided to follow the talent, everyone was in town which usually does not happen, all the hot young talent, the upcoming girls, the legends Keala and Carrissa, Zeke, and of course the Moniz kids. The waves were pumping and I swear someone was doing an air on every set. No one was killing it more than Josh Moniz, he had a wave on every big set that came through and he made eight out of ten of his airs. This one that made the cover was absolutely massive, and to ride out of it was incredible. I ended up shooting the whole swell there and he was by far the standout.

I did manage to get some beautiful surf myself, and now I’m converted, I absolutely love town.”


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