Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Contest 2015-2016

Fifth Annual Steep And Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge

Registration begins November 9 at Pipeline Gallery in Haleiwa

With El Niño-powered storms just around the corner, we are proud to announce the 2015/2016 Steep And Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge, in memory of Sion Milosky. The contest, now in its fifth year, looks to crown the best surf photograph of the year at Pipeline and Backdoor, still the most competitive lineup in the world. Steep And Deep prides itself in celebrating the photographer and the rider, who both risk their lives tackling the world’s most exciting wave in its rawest moments. Past winners include photographers Zak Noyle, Tony Heff and Sash Fitzsimmons; and surfers Billy Kemper, Nathan Florence, Tyler Newton and Ezra Sitt.

The 2015/2016 Steep And Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge will begin November 1, 2015 and extend through February 10, 2016. Competitors – both photographers and surfers — are encouraged to sign up at the Pipeline Gallery in Haleiwa on November 9 at 6-8p. For those unable to register on this day may register during gallery hours at the Pipeline Gallery, or if out of state, may register by emailing Final day to register is December 22.

Any images taken at Pipeline/Backdoor between November 1, 2015 and February 10, 2016 will be considered. Finalists and winners will be selected by a panel of expert judges and will be announced by February 20 with a wrap up party at the Pipeline Gallery.
So what’s at stake? Besides bragging rights for the year, the winning surfer and photographer will each receive $2,500 from Vans, a custom hardwood framed copy of the winning image, a spread in SURFING Magazine and a custom Will Scovel surfboard to the surfer.

About Sion
Sion was a family man and talented big wave surfer and Pipeline specialist. His unparalleled bravery, dedication and fearlessness in big waves and his first passion, charging Pipeline, made a lasting impact on the greater surf world and is still the stuff of legend. Sion passed away doing what he loved — surfing big waves — Steep and Deep celebrates the commitment that Sion embodied by rewarding the surfer and photographer who link up for the best photograph of the winter of Pipeline or Backdoor.


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