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There is something very alluring about the lifestyle of a longboarder. But not just anyone who lives and surfs in Hawaii can tap into this. One needs roots, a sincere dedication and a connection to the ocean to really radiate the vibe. That plus a board, style, and the photos to prove it, right?

We tapped into the lives of five ladies who prioritize slide time, to give a glimpse into a lifestyle that so many dream about. These wahine epitomize what longboarding looks like in Hawaii and all it’s fun features. Plus they each have a creative talent outside of surfing that helps create a work/life balance. It can’t be all play and no work! But for these girls, living a beautiful and fun lifestyle in and around the water can sure make it feel that way.


Tara Michie- Blogger

“I like to play when the sun is out and work late at night when everyone and everything is quiet. So in no particular order, my day is usually involves coffee, surfing (if there are waves), taking photos, working on a creative project, snacking, and hanging out with my fiance’ and our dog. Im also fortunate enough to travel throughout the year. So if Im not in Hawaii, I am feeding my travel bug. I always have an itch to experience new places and cultures. So I try to go on an international once a year.” Photo: Tyler Rock

ladyslider-photos-tyler-took-5 2



Ashley Johnson- Creative Brand Owner

“The water always makes things better. If I’m ever stressed, having a bad day, or just tired from working all day, surfing is always a good idea. My favorite time to surf is a sunset sesh. I try to be productive all day and then surf at the end of the day to wind down. Each sunset I’m always reminded of how blessed we are to live in paradise. It’s the best!.” Photo: Bryce Johnson

AshleyJohnston Wahine - brycejohnson copy 2


Brooke Dombroski- Photographer

“Aside from surfing or being in the ocean in general, I spend most of my time with photography. Practicing, working, editing, social media, traveling and all the while trying to find the perfect balance between work and play.”

BrooklynDombrosky ladyslider-photos-I-took-8 2



Haunani Kane- Ocean Voyager

“The ocean is a big part of my life as well as culture and I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a bunch of amazing people. I volunteer with Duane DeSoto at Na Kama Kai. It’s pretty humbling to be apart of a group of people who love helping youngsters become more confident and comfortable in the ocean, whether it be surfing, paddling, or caring for our beaches.”

HaunaniKane CliffKapono.Face_west 2



Rosie Jaffurs- Surf Instructor

“When I’m not surfing, I’m teaching surfing. I finally found a profession that doesn’t make me go crazy when the surf is firing.” Photo: Keoki Saguibo






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