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Honolulu, HI (October 18, 2016)—Surf legend Sunny Garcia and professional surfer Billy Kemper will be coming to Hale‘iwa Store Lots for a “Talk Story” event brought to you by T&C Surf Designs and Reef on Friday, November 11, from 1–3 p.m. in the Kamehamalu Courtyard, which will also feature live local music from Taimane Gardner, ukulele virtuoso. Both surfers and fans alike are encouraged to attend for a unique opportunity to hear from members of two generations of professional surfing.

“Hale‘iwa Store Lots is proud to be a part of North Shore O‘ahu’s rich history as one of the world’s greatest surf destinations,” said Ryan Ng, Hale‘iwa Store Lots’ Senior Asset Manager. “We look forward to the Triple Crown every year, so an event like this is a special treat, and one we hope to make a tradition here in Hale‘iwa.”

Brought up in Wai‘anae on O‘ahu’s west side, Sunny Garcia solidified his place in the professional surfing world in 2000 when he became the ASP World Champion. Additionally, he has taken home the title in the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing an astonishing six times on his home island of O‘ahu, and has also competed in the prestigious Eddie Aikau invitational. With a professional surfing career spanning almost 25 years, Garcia is known around the globe for his big wave prowess and an enduring career very few will ever rival. “I’ve watched professional surfing change so much over the last decade and new styles seem to emerge with every generation,” remarked Sunny Garcia. “Although the sport itself has changed a lot over the years—Billy Kemper and other pros like myself who are from Hawaii have surfing in their blood, and so our love for the sport will never change—and I feel privileged for the opportunity to share this love of surfing with others at this ‘Talk Story’ event.”

Billy Kemper was born on Maui’s north shore and began surfing at a young age. His surfing career quickly escalated him to popularity when he finished first at the HIC Pro in 2010 at Sunset Beach, going on to be #1 in the ASP Hawaii Region that same year. Kemper has also received acclaim from the big wave surfing world due to his many Billabong XXL entries, which have included 2010 “Ride of the Year,” 2013 “Wipeout of the Year,” and 2014 “Ride of the Year.” Today, Kemper is best known for winning the 2015 World Surf League Big Wave Tour’s first-ever Pe‘ahi Challenge at Jaws on his home island of Maui. Kemper’s reputation precedes him in the surfing world, as he has ridden some of the biggest waves in surf competition history. “Growing up in Hawaii, Sunny Garcia was an idol of mine from a young age, and his diligence and commitment to the sport always inspired me. Watching him take the world title in 2000 was truly incredible, and it is an honor to be able to host this ‘Talk Story’ event with him,” said Kemper.

Everyone is welcome at this “Talk Story” event, brought to you by T&C Surf Designs and Reef. “T&C Surf Designs is proud of its Hawaii roots and relishes in the opportunity to partner with Reef to bring together two surfing icons of different generations who got their start locally, much like our company. This is the first event of its kind for our Hale‘iwa store location, and we hope many members of O‘ahu’s surf community will join us for an afternoon dedicated to Hawaii’s big wave legacy,” said Criag Suighara, owner and founder of T&C Surf Design.

This event will be especially exciting because both fans and surfers alike will have the chance to hear a first-hand account of Garcia and Kemper’s take on this year’s Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing, an insightful perspective from experienced competitors. “Reef is always inspired by a love for not only surfing, but the surf lifestyle. Perhaps nowhere is as influenced by surfing as Hale‘iwa is, and partnering with T&C Surf Designs to host surf superstars Garcia and Kemper here is exactly the kind of event we look to be a part of,” said Gabe Garcia of Reef

O‘ahu’s iconic North Shore is known the world over, and surfing has long dominated both the community and culture. Hawaii has been the center of some of professional surfing’s most memorable moments, and continues to produce world class surfers. Every year, surfers from around the globe travel to O‘ahu’s North Shore to surf some of the world’s best waves, including Sunset and Pipeline, and because of this both T&C Surf Designs Hale‘iwa and Reef Hale‘iwa are proud and happy to call this bit of coastline home. This year’s Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing Competition will attract locals and tourists alike, so both stores are excited to offer this “Talk Story” event and more, which supports not only the community, but its surfing traditions as well.

Located in the heart of Hale‘iwa town, the plantation-inspired Hale‘iwa Store Lots is an open-air retail center that is inspired by the area’s unique and historic charm. Spanning 27,300 square feet, the store lots offer gathering spaces and courtyards for both local residents and visitors to enjoy. This North Shore destination is home to twenty locally operated businesses, featuring many with North Shore roots.

Owned by Kamehameha Schools, revenues generated from Hale‘iwa Store Lots fund educational opportunities for more than 47,000 learners and caregivers annually through three campuses on the O‘ahu, Maui, and Hawai‘i islands; 30 preschools statewide, literacy instruction and support in more than 200 public school classrooms; financial and educational support for 17 Hawaiian-focused public charter schools; and collaborations with 50 additional organizations throughout the state.


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