The Ocean Needs Your Support!

On Monday, June 17th President Obama made the biggest move yet to protect our oceans. This could be the largest ocean conservation legacy in history, so for all you ocean enthusiasts out there, we need your support!

Pacific-Remote-Islands-Marine-National-Monument-Flyer-LOWThe President announced plans to close off a large portion of the Pacific Ocean from fishing and energy exploration, declaring more of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument (PRIMNM) in the south-central Pacific Ocean off-limits. The PRIMNM currently extends over 50 nautical miles, but with the expansion, would cover 200 nautical miles, making this the largest protected area on Earth.

A coalition of organizations are banning together to support this important cause, and you can be part of it too.

There is a Town Hall meeting happening in Honolulu
Monday, August 11th at 5pm at the
Ala Moana Hotel, Carnation Room.

The organizations are trying to build a solid base of support to demonstrate how critical this issue is and how many people/organizations/companies are passionate about conserving our ocean, fish stocks, marine biodiversity and the overall health of our planet.

If you would like to show up in support, please wear blue!

You can also show your support for the ocean by:

1. Instagramming a favorite ocean photo with #conservePRI and encourage others to do the same.
2. Submit a written comment via email to (act fast! The deadline is August 15) with this comment:
“I support ocean conservation and expansion of the PRIMNM.”

For more information on the Marine National Monument, read up on it here:


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