Dec 1st @ Turtle Bay : Surfer – The Bar…. The first screening of Thundercloud on Oahu, Hawaii. Gonna be lots of fun with great surfers on hand for ‘Talk Story’ Q&A after the movie…. Tickets $20 on the door only so get there early to avoid disappointment. Movie starts @7pm. Honolulu premiere will be Dec 18th. Location TBA.

THUNDERCLOUD is an independently produced surf documentary by and based around one of the most spectacular days in surfing history, June 8th 2012. A swell of massive proportions arrived at Cloudbreak, (aka Thundercloud Reef) in Fiji, right in the middle of the ASP World Championship Surfing Tour Event.

You may have seen pictures in the magazines about this day, you may have read stories on the internet about it, THUNDERCLOUD is the full story in motion picture….. going deeper than you think!

With interviews and accounts from the world’s best surfers, that challenged themselves in the South Pacific Ocean that day and survived! We are shining a light on the dark history of the area, re-enacting the murder of King Ratu Imanueli, that lead to the island of Tavarua being handed over to the opposing tribe as a peace offering and how that would effect course of surfing history for years to come, as USA investors sought to create an exclusive surf resort in the area.

We hear from Tavarua Island’s Jon Roseman, the Attorney General of Fiji and the man that lobbied the government to change the decree in 2010, Ian Muller, leading to the liberation of the exclusive wave rights in Fiji.

As Thundercloud Reef was open for the world to enjoy, we recount the awesome swells of 2010 & 2011……. And of course, all the drama and action of the WCT event and subsequent free surfing session that re-wrote the rule book and set the bar for paddle surfing into the future.

All this and more in a 130+ minute documentary called THUNDERCLOUD.

Thank you for reading this and your time you spent watching the clip. I truly appreciate it. For more details and updates about THUNDERCLOUD go to :


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