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4 Junior wahine ascending surfing’s competitive ranks

By Chris Latronic

Mahina Maeda Photo: Tony Heff

Mahina Maeda

Mahina Maeda is now an esteemed veteran of the junior ranks and well on her way battling through the Qualifying Series. With a 3rd place finish at the Wahine Pipe Pro and a multitude of close results, Mahina is on the cusp of breaking through to something big. It’s been a little while since those ISA World Championship victories, and I definitely believe she’s due for an equivalent result very soon.

Summer Macedo Photo: Kristy Taylor

Summer Macedo

Summer Macedo is the firecracker from the Valley Isle that has a stylish natural footed attack that is unbearably attractive to judging panels. Get her in an open right-hander and you’ll witness those front side hacks that give her sweet results. After a 5th place finish at Papara this year, she’s now ranked in the top 50 women in the World and 5th among Hawaii’s Regional QS, all while just getting her driver’s license.

Zoe McDougall Photo: Cory Gehr

Zoe McDougall

Zoe McDougall is a quiet and humble little North Shore girl with a big knack for surfing. Always right there when it came to making finals and winning contests, Zoe never backed down and only became stronger. Coming up just short of the Grand Final at the ISA Worlds in Portugal, Zoe looked on a mission going into 2017, winning the Sunset Pro Junior in January, and the Corona Durban Surf Pro in April. With family support and renewed sponsorship, Zoe is blasting through the pack at the junior and professional level.

Brisa Hennessy Photo: Joli

Brisa Hennessy

Brisa Hennessy is a spark of exuberance. She’s the current ISA under-18 Girls champion, on her way to defend that title later this year in Japan. With an amazing ability to adapt to conditions and a tenacious attack going both backside or frontside, Brisa is dangerous in all situations. Her boards are always dialed in, and you’ll never see anything but sheer focus from her before a heat, right up until she smiles and hugs you after you’ve been beaten.


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