V14N4 Online! Guest Editors Mason Ho and Keoni “Burger” Nozaki

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“This is for the boys!” When we asked @cocom4debarrelkilla and @burgerinparadise – serving as Guest Editors for our April Issue – who they wanted on the cover, the duo came up with an idea: “we should put photos of all the boys on there, so everyone can say they got a cover.” From legendary icons (Eddie and Clyde Aikau!) to today’s top echelon of surfing (@mfanno!) and a host of the North Shore’s best (@shawnbriley, @makuarothman and more!), this unprecedented cover showcases 116 of surfing’s greatest figures and characters. Mason and Burger also chose the features inside the pages of the issue, including their favorite underground guys, groms, and the story behind their own friendship.


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